Fighter, Instructor

Training since the ripe young age of 13, George has over 20 years of experience in Thai boxing, boxing and martial arts. His love of Muay Thai took him to Thailand where he trained at the Baan Muay Thai Academy in Bangkok under Ajarn Sangtiennoi. George has competed in many boxing tournaments having won the Chicago Golden Gloves novice division in 2002 and was the runner up in the open division in 2003 and 2005. In 2007, George turned pro and has trained with many past and current champions. He has attended several seminars in his 20 years experience. To name a few he has attended seminars with Ajarn Chai, Ajarn Sangtiennoi, Ajarn Greg Nelson, Ajarn Samart, Ajarn Seaksen, Dean Lessei, Damien Trainor, and Ajarn Tim Tokarz. Muay Thai is George’s passion and something he “could do all day”. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to men and women of all ages.

20 years of Thai boxing, boxing and martial arts, 2002 Chicago Golden Gloves winner, 2003 and 2005 Chicago Golden Gloves runner-up, turned pro in 2007.